Before the west was won, it had to be fought for!

About The Game

The Nations

Manifest Destiny 1840 is a battle for the control of the lands of Texas between three strong and unique nations; The Republic of Texas, Estados Unidos Mexicanos and Comancheria.

The Republic of Texas

You’ve newly arrived to the Republic of Texas. A land filled with promise that has attracted adventurers seeking their fortune, and scoundrels escaping their past.

You begin as a gun slinging Tin Horn full of bravado, an aspiring Apprentice ready build a business, a sturdy Pioneer filled with the spirit of independence, or a street smart Ganger surviving on wits and a quick blade.

Texas is a dangerous country, where civilized society is rarely found. It’s people must either band together or perish at the hands of marauding bandits, and Comanche war parties. There’s also the constant threat of another invasion from Mexico.

Do you have what it takes, to make the Republic of Texas strong?

Estados Unidos Mexicanos

Your country as suffered defeat at the hands of the Texicans, but you won’t let them keep it.

Begin your adventures as a brave Vaquero seeking to reclaim what was lost, a learned Aprendiz starting your trade, a lone Hombre looking for adventure, or an independent Campesino Libre trying to claim your own piece of heaven.

Mexico is a country, full of tradition and pride. It’s people are struggling for their own independence both from a corrupt government which ignores them, and empires across the ocean trying to control them.

Can you claim independence for the people of Mexico and win back your lost lands?


Your nation is new, but your people have called this land home from the beginning of time. At first the white man was seen as an opportunity for raiding and trade, but they’ve grown too numerous and assume too much.

You begin as a strong Brave eager to prove your worth to your tribe, or as a Story Teller keeping the traditions of your people alive and calling on the spirits to rid your land of these intruders, or a Horse Thief stealthily taking from the foolish, or an Antelope Hunter at one with the wilderness.

Comancheria is the nation-name chosen by the tribal bands who call themselves Comanche. The Kotsoteka, Motsai, Pehnahterkuh, Yapai Nuu and many more have joined together to drive all who dare to enter their lands, away, forever.

You’re out numbered and out gunned, but that just makes the fight fair.