Before the west was won, it had to be fought for!

Welcome to Manifest Destiny 1840

Is a Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, in which players fight for one of three nations, each engaged in a continuous three-way war for Texas.

Players will create a character for the nation they choose. Then explore, fight and win control of Texas!

Texas 1840:

The wild frontier of Texas in 1840, was anyone’s guess who would own it in the years to come. Mexico was a powerful nation, the Comanches kept intruders out with unimaginable violence, and the Texans were caught in between trying to forge a new nation.

The year 1840 is a turning point for these three nations, in which the future is uncertain and un-written. Texas is not only an untamed country appealing to an adventurer’s spirit, but the political environment of 1840 is also an undiscovered period of our history. What is known, has been glossed over, and what is unknown? Well, the players will get to discover that for themselves!

The Game:

Players join one of the three nations fighting for control of Texas. They are able to explore and journey freely through a vast landscape filled with adventure, danger and rewards. They’ll make a name for themselves by completing adventures given to them by characters they encounter. Successful adventures lead to greater rewards.

However, this is not just a game of exploration and shoot-outs, but also one of commerce and chance. In addition to adventures, players may also create merchandise, build and run stores, and gamble with each other.

They can even CHEAT!

But be careful. The law of the frontier is quick and just!